Saturday, November 9, 2013

Multi-Post Day - A

Today started easily, a slow Saturday after a hectic Friday. Yesterday gave nothing but problems, and very few solutions. Circumstances outside of my control made accomplishing anything repeatedly difficult. I felt like I was trying to run in a dream, screaming at my legs to move faster and watching them slowly pick up and move forward, heavy with the fog around me.

But today was new, with none of the baggage of yesterday's frustrations. I wish I knew how sleep resets the clock in our heads, to make the day feel new. After all, I simply laid down and closed my eyes, but time still moved continuously. I want to be able to "reset" anytime. I feel like I could relax more if I was able to let go of the past at will. 

I woke up to my alarm, 6 AM. Got out of bed, and stood for a minute to feel my body acclimate to the cold air. My wife slept on in the bed. I brushed my teeth and grabbed a water bottle and started a new journey in my life, one of fitness and flexibility. I am recommitting to practicing yoga daily, with gym visits happening every afternoon or evening I am able to. When I last tried this method, I found my stress decrease and my body felt more relaxed and natural to me. I hope my wife can join me this time. I showered afterwords, grooming myself and saving my face and scrotum. Then I got dressed in my work clothes and a sweater and walked to my job for the day. And now here I am, with everything set up and ready for this event, just waiting for the performers to show up. What better way to pass the time than write?

I'm not sure this will be my only post today, I'm feeling quite inspired to open up. Lately my sexuality and desire has stayed inside of my own head, and I've outwardly wished for a more open, fluid, and constant sexual relationship. So I'm getting these thoughts out of my head and invest time in my current relationship to make it the sexy, bonding, exploring one I want. 

For now I must go and find the coffee. Be back in a bit! 

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