Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Sex Tips - A

I'm going to try and leave small sex tips that people may or may not know in short, easy to digest lists. I want this blog to not just be educational and titillating, but to help other people and myself remember to play with sex and try new things always.

- Use a flavored lube for titty-fucking or other boob play. Bonus points if you and your partner use this as an excuse to go to a sex shop and sample.

- Try putting a pillow beneath the receiving partner while in doggy style or missionary positions. A full body pillow can be used to elevate their whole body up slightly, or a small pillow can be placed under their hips for variations in position/angle. Check out Liberator Sex Furniture for awesome cushions and other aids for great sex!

- Incorporate edging into passive activities, like watching TV. Play with yourself, your partner, or give and receive some oral. Slight distractions while you play can help extend the session for hours.

- Use a soft scarf, towel, or other wide fabric element to make doggy style really fucking fun! (See what I did there???). Loop it under the receiving partner when they are on all fours, pulling it lightly against their hips and the front of their upper thighs. Then, the giving partner can hold on to both ends and get extra traction. It's basically a free version of this.

Hope these find you in good health and help you have some fun tonight!

DIY Portable Stripper Pole - A

Some wonderful gent was planning on attending Burning Man this year, the wonderfully bohemian art and culture gathering turned semi-commercial, tripped out art festival that happens every year in the Nevada desert. 

But this particular guy wanted more. As in more half-naked girls dancing near him. So he built a portable stripper pole. A stripper pole is one of the best ways to initiate casual, semi-erotic fun in any setting in my opinion, second only to a game like Dick and Virginia. 

I'm including a link to his build images and plans below. I have seen portable stripper poles before, but they were all either flimsy and dangerous, came with "X" shaped bases of metal that were prone to falling over, or were so huge that calling them portable was a stretch. This one is portable, safe, inexpensive, and looks amazing! I'm extremely tempted to make this, and see if I could use some kind of bags or containers filled with water instead of sandbags. That way, they could be emptied easily for transportation. The wife needs a new toy anyways! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

10 Questions - A.

"Good artists borrow. Great artists steal."

The Sex is Fun podcast did a series called "Five Questions." In these episodes, the interview subject was asked five questions about their sexuality. These questions were constructed to give a good overview and introduction to a person's sexuality, a broad look at how they define themselves and their sexual lives.

I loved this series. It was simple. It was intimate. It was enlightening. To sit and give focus to the basics of a person's sexuality in a clean format is rare inside of sex podcasts.

So we are stealing it, modifying it, re-painting the sign outside and dusting off the countertops, making it our own. S and I will be launching a new audio series in the spirit of "Five Questions." This will be our first podcast/audio show, and I look forward to seeing where this leads. Our version of the five questions is longer, less broad, and a little more geared towards creating an entertaining audio show. I welcome any feedback about this proposal.

The ten questions asked to each guest, starting with S and I, are:

1. Who are you as a sexual being? This description can include, but is not limited to, labels about gender, labels about sexual orientation, preferences, kinks, interests, attractions, age, religion, race, experience, etcetera. Feel free to be as broad or specific as possible, keeping in mind that any information offered will help us know you better.

2. What is/are your first memory(s) of sex, arousal, and/or sexuality?

3. How where you raised or taught about sex in your early life?
(Early life through elementary school)
Did you seek out any additional education on your own during this time?

4. How were you raised or taught about sex in your teenage life?
(Middle school through early college)
Did you seek out any additional education on your own during this time?

5. Who do you hope or aspire to be in life as a sexual person?

6. What is a particularly good sexual memory you have, a memory that stands out as an amazing experience?

7. What are some fantasies you have fulfilled in your life so far? Did they live up to your expectations?

8. What are some fantasies you have yet to fulfill, and know for sure that you definitely want to?

9. What are some fantasies you have yet to fulfill, and are unsure if you will or not?

10. What are your thoughts on sex in culture today?

After these questions, I will offer one last chance for the subject to make any comments they feel that need to be shared. This will be a time to confess deep, dark desires, personal stances, pimp out their information for our audience, or just decline and politely sit back.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Samantha Was A Good Girl - A

Samantha was a good girl who went to church twice a week, brewed coffee for James every morning, cooked and served dinners of pasta and meatballs on white china plates, which she washed and dried by hand after the meal.

Samantha was a good girl who took her neighbors sugar and eggs when they ran out, and would leave five dollars in their mailbox when they did the same for her. 

Samantha was a good girl who pulled every weed out of her herb garden and had a lovely Pintrest profile, where she gathered images for cooking, cleaning, decorating, and entertaining.

Samantha was a good girl who woke up early to have a quiet time and read her leather-bound New King James Bible, and went to bed late after having an evening jog with James. 

Samantha was a good girl.

Samantha was a good girl who ran a website called Sam's Secret, a website dedicated to hosting her numerous adult videos and pictures. Inside of Sam's Secret, paying subscribers could choose to buy packs of pictures and videos, videos that Samantha and James had made together, worn panties, or audio recordings.

Samantha was a good girl who spent a few hours every day getting dressed up, tied up, fucked up, fucked down, fucked sideways, and fucked up again. 

Samantha was a good girl who spent every Sunday afternoon pulling her tits out from beneath shirts that were too tight, massaging and pulling her nipples, and using vibrators on them until she became so pent up she would cum from them alone.

Samantha was a good girl whose favorite video was one where James ripped a pair of panties open and fucked her in the ass while she sucked on a dildo. She would later buy large packages of those panties, wet them with lube, rip a hole in the crotch, and sell them for $75 each, with a handwritten note that each one was, in fact, the original pair from the video.

Samantha was a good girl who made almost $2000 a month from her website, allowing James to work very few hours and letting them spend time together and travel the world every summer. 

Samantha was a good girl who set aside money out of each check towards a college fund for their future child, and took a generous portion to church each week to place in an envelope. She would pray over each one, willing that it found the people who needed the money most.

Samantha was a good girl.


I saw an episode of a daytime TV show where a couple came out as swingers. They revealed that they were on the PTA, they went to church, they mowed the lawn in their suburban house while their two children played inside, and they went to swing clubs twice a month. 

I really like the idea that sexual exploration doesn't have to be limited to the deviants, or the depraved, or the screwed-up. I think that people who are well-adjusted, normal people can thrive even better in their sexual explorations than people who are a bit more on the fringe.

I am not judging anyone for how they live their lives, I just wanted to write about someone who looked traditionally "good", had a "bad" side, but was still a good person to their core.

Sam's Secret is actually the title of a book that teaches children how to respond to inappropriate touch from others. I highly recommend looking up more information here and supporting this cause.