Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Sex Tips - A

I'm going to try and leave small sex tips that people may or may not know in short, easy to digest lists. I want this blog to not just be educational and titillating, but to help other people and myself remember to play with sex and try new things always.

- Use a flavored lube for titty-fucking or other boob play. Bonus points if you and your partner use this as an excuse to go to a sex shop and sample.

- Try putting a pillow beneath the receiving partner while in doggy style or missionary positions. A full body pillow can be used to elevate their whole body up slightly, or a small pillow can be placed under their hips for variations in position/angle. Check out Liberator Sex Furniture for awesome cushions and other aids for great sex!

- Incorporate edging into passive activities, like watching TV. Play with yourself, your partner, or give and receive some oral. Slight distractions while you play can help extend the session for hours.

- Use a soft scarf, towel, or other wide fabric element to make doggy style really fucking fun! (See what I did there???). Loop it under the receiving partner when they are on all fours, pulling it lightly against their hips and the front of their upper thighs. Then, the giving partner can hold on to both ends and get extra traction. It's basically a free version of this.

Hope these find you in good health and help you have some fun tonight!

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