Saturday, May 31, 2014

DIY Portable Stripper Pole - A

Some wonderful gent was planning on attending Burning Man this year, the wonderfully bohemian art and culture gathering turned semi-commercial, tripped out art festival that happens every year in the Nevada desert. 

But this particular guy wanted more. As in more half-naked girls dancing near him. So he built a portable stripper pole. A stripper pole is one of the best ways to initiate casual, semi-erotic fun in any setting in my opinion, second only to a game like Dick and Virginia. 

I'm including a link to his build images and plans below. I have seen portable stripper poles before, but they were all either flimsy and dangerous, came with "X" shaped bases of metal that were prone to falling over, or were so huge that calling them portable was a stretch. This one is portable, safe, inexpensive, and looks amazing! I'm extremely tempted to make this, and see if I could use some kind of bags or containers filled with water instead of sandbags. That way, they could be emptied easily for transportation. The wife needs a new toy anyways! 

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